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Laser scanner for bike fitting

Would you like to know which bike frame size is suitable for you? Smartfit enables a contactless bodyscan and high -precision bike measurement through laser technology. The system delivers setting values ​​and geometry data in three minutes. With the patented smartfit you get a precise and reliable measurement for buying your new bike!

The advantages at a glance

✓ Professional & fast size advice
✓ Rad ergonomics
✓ Find suitable frame size
✓ With a large bike database
✓ Computer-controlled saddle and bike measurement
✓ Gives clear and understandable values ​​to optimize the bike

Our services

Bike Sizing

We measure your body and find the optimal bike or e-bike for you at the right frame height.

The right ratio between height, leg and arm length is crucial for choosing your ideal bike.

Duration: approx. 30 minutes
Cost: 40 €

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Bike fitting

We measure your body and bike and adapt your bike to your body proportions.
We measure your bike and determine the individually suitable ratio between the handlebar, saddle and frame height.

Duration: max 60 minutes
Cost: 50 €

For all types of bike: Citybike, trekking bike, racing bike, mountain bike, triathlon, e-bike.

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Smartfit in action

Smartfit consists of

The effective saddle width

Optimal saddle width with more comfort, less pressure and better efficiency.

The specification of the saddle width is always the effectively usable seat, not the overall width. With all SQLAB saddles, the usable surface is used as much as possible and as little width as possible is given away by too strong curvature.

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Too narrow saddle

A saddle has to fit like a few shoes! If a saddle is too narrow, it presses exactly where it shouldn't press. SQLAB was the first saddle manufacturer to present a system in 2002 to measure the distance between the seating bones and to calculate the optimal saddle width.

All SQLAB saddle models are available in up to four different widths. It is guaranteed that your seating bones lie on the saddle. This is the only way to relieve the sensitive dam area in the man and the mostly deeper pubic arch of the woman.

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Seat block measurement: How does it work?

Grips for every occasion

Holding, steering, braking are the most important tasks that a bicycle handle has to take on and it should still be comfortable. Only a handle that fits perfectly at hand can perform this task. That is why SQLAB has developed a method for determining the optimal handle width. Depending on the model, the SQLAB bike handles are available in up to four different sizes. The handle sizes differ in diameter, length and shape.

The relief of the carpal tunnel is not a matter of course for ergonomic handles, but this is exactly what SQLAB attaches great importance to this.

The relief wing is as far outside as possible for all SQLAB bike handles. This also results in improved grip safety, especially when supporting forward.

Grip Ergonomy

A bike handle must be comfortable and perfectly match the anatomy of the hand.

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We await you in our ergonomics department. Please make an appointment with our experts.
You will receive detailed information and a recommendation for the optimal saddle, handles, sitting position and frame size.

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