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The Shimano Service Centers are a global network of independent bicycle dealers. To offer the best possible service, we combine excellent bicycle service with the latest technologies.

The mechanics in the service centers certified by Shimano are all bike fans. Very big. Therefore, we use the latest technologies and original Shimano parts. To ensure that all of our dealers continuously meet our high standards and that we always offer our customers the best of our world, we carry out surveys for service, customer satisfaction and availability every year.

service and maintenance

Routine maintenance is the key to avoiding problems, be it on the daily trip to work or on trips in leisure. In addition, unexpected and unnecessary repair costs can be avoided in this way. Regular maintenance by our trained experts increases the lifespan of your bike and thus the joy of driving.

Diagnosis and repair
Unusual noises or problems with the derailleur or chain? Your brakes may need to be repaired? Our mechanics will be happy to help you.

Upgrade and replacement
Nothing goes through the right feeling when cycling. Sometimes a small change makes a big difference and has a positive effect on your driving experience. Our specialists adapt your bike or equip it with higher quality parts to meet your special wishes. Ready for the ultimate driving pleasure?

E-bike check
E-bikes have to be cared for and our technicians trained by Shimano are experts in this field. We check and update your firmware or test the battery power of your e-bike. Since e-bikes are faster than conventional bicycles, the wear of the brakes is larger, but we can also check them.

Service on vacation
You will receive our proven service throughout Europe. You fight the mountains around Lake Garda and your bike needs excellent service? You heard a strange sound on the departure from Mont Ventoux? Then you'll drop by in the next Shimano Service Center and Receive thereThe quality and the service you are used to from home.

Advice from professionals
Do you have any questions about your bike or maintenance? We would be happy to advise you. When it comes to Shimano components and the latest technologies, we are the absolute experts. Do you have any questions? We are happy to answer you!

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Our first -class bicycle service:
✓ Trained and certified mechanics
✓ Latest Shimano technology
✓ Original Shimano parts

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