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Topeak Pump Joeblow Sport III

The Joeblow® Sport is one of the best -selling stand pumps in the world. With the new Joeblow® Sport III, the tradition continues to offer the best quality at the best price. What is new is the performance upgrade with an enlarged 3 "manometer, optimized T - handle and new Twinhead® DX5 pump head for higher efficiency when pumping.

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Abus Bordo 6005/90

The classic - the original
Flexible, compact, easy to transport and also varied in their shape. Diversity is underlined by numerous color variants and different locking systems. Stylish transport bags and brackets make the folding lock a "must-have" among the bicycle locks.

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Abus chain lock 7210/85

The concept is based on the Ivytex has been used in industry in industry for years in which moving components have to be protected from wear. Abus takes advantage of this idea and uses it as a coating for chain locks. This increases the protection against abrasion, on the other hand, the coat protects the bike from damage through the chain. In addition to the durability, further features for Ivytex technology speak: the high-tech fabric is durable and highly flexible. It is weather -resistant and insensitive to liquids. This makes z. B. water not absorbed by the tissue and the locks are protected from corrosion. So there is no reason in the event of unfavorable weather, for fear of pollution, not to secure the bike.

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Abus frame lock set 5950

The frame lock Pro Shield ™ Plus 5950 offers any comfort that is possible with a frame lock.With the frame lock Pro Shield ™ Plus 5950 you have several options for securing your bike against theft. The 8.5 mm thick locking bar made of hardened steel offers good basic protection with a medium risk of theft. In addition, the bicycle lock has another closure mechanism, to which additional accessories, such as the chain of Abus frame lock chain, can be easily connected.

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Ortlieb Back Roller Classic

Robust polyester fabric makes him a long-lasting tourist. Equipped with hermetic roller closures, it ensures that meals and equipment are securely packed and waterproof on the finish.

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Vaude luggage bag Silkroad luggage rack bag

Wear your luggage! The luggage rack bag with 9+2 liters of volume and bottle holder can be attached and removed with Velcro fastener. Your e-bike battery also finds space in it. The luggage spider offers additional storage facilities. Luggage rack bag for cycling, robust and practical, versatile Velcro fastening, including bottle holder.

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Ortlieb Back-Roller Hight Visibility

A brilliant idea for all year-round and bad weather cyclists: Ortlieb High Visibility Line improves the visibility of the cyclist enormously for other road users. Because the high visibility bags not only have reflectors - they themselves are a single large reflector.

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Terry Sattel Figura Max Women

The FitnessComfort saddle for women, made in high quality manual work. As a crossover between touring and sports saddle, the figurea is ideal for bicycles with a slightly stretched sitting position and medium intensity and dynamics activities. Thanks to Terry 3-zone comfort principle, sitting stress is a thing of the past.

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