The right air pressure:
Too low air pressure increases the rolling resistance and reduces the durability of the tire. You cancel the correct tire pressure area on the tire flank.

The correct operation of the hub and chain circuit:
To avoid high mechanical frictional forces, you should avoid extreme diagonal chain lines. If possible, do not switch under full pedal load.

Clean and oil the chain:
If you have to drive through dirt and wet more often, you should also clean the chain more often. It is best to use a plastic breasts and a little rinsing water or our chain cleaner.

Only for e-bikes

Battery charging tips:
Make sure you load the battery every 3 months if you are not used. Avoid deep discharges of the battery. It is optimal to charge and store the battery at room temperature.

E-bike transport:
For the e-bike transport by car, you should remove the battery. Pay attention to the support load of your trailer coupling and a sufficient load capacity of the individual rails.

Think about this with the e-bike to use your circuit sufficiently. Due to the strong engines that are installed in many e-bikes, it often happens that too little or no is being switched. As a result, the wear of the sprockets used is significantly higher and the drive must be replaced early.

Battery guide:

  1. How is the battery properly stored?
    Dry at an ambient temperature of approx. 20 ° C, not below 10 ° C or over 40 ° C.
  2. What do I have to consider when cleaning an e-bike?
    Cleaning with a damp cloth and a two -wheeler cleaner is recommended. To protect the electronic components, these must not be cleaned with direct water jet or even high pressure.
  3. How do I store the battery in winter when I don't drive a long time?
    Store dry and at room temperature. The ideal state of charge for longer storage times is around 30 to 60%.
  4. How fast does an e-bike/pedelec drive?
    Up to a speed of 25 km/h. The pedal support then exposes and higher speeds must be achieved with your own muscle strength.
  5. Is the engine stronger with a larger battery?
    No. The support of the engine is a fixed value that is decided by the design of the engine.
  6. Is there a helmet obligation on e-bikes?
    No, only with the S-Pedelec, which supports up to 45 km/h, a helmet has to be worn. However, wearing a helmet is also recommended for all e-bikes.
  7. What is the lifespan of a battery for the e-bike?
    Many pedelec providers indicate the lifespan of the batteries with 500 to 1,000 full loading cycles. Experience can be assumed from a lifespan of around 5 years.

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