The Bosch e-bike extensive assistant

With Bosch's reach assistant, you can find out how many kilometers you support with your Ebike system on the next tour.

At the beginning you set your driving characteristics such as speed, driving mode, driving weight and cadence. Then you can choose between the individual drives, batteries, circuits, tire profiles and bike types such as mountain bike, trekking bike, racing bike or city bike.

Finally, you set the route. Is your surroundings rather flat and the surface is good? Or do you drive on gravel and fortified forest paths in the low mountain range? With the help of the range assistant, the approximate range can then be calculated under the conditions specified by your specified conditions.

Ebike Reichwidth Assistant

Which e-bike suits me?

The e-bike makes an unstoppable way to the ultimate mobile maker for everyday life and leisure. Daily routes and tours in your free time become pure bicycle enjoyment with the tailwind from the socket. When looking for the ideal e-bike, we give an overview of current model variants and drive systems. Our employees are happy to provide detailed and competent advice on site.

From the electrically supported city to fully suspended e-mountain bikes to speed pedelec at up to 45 km/h, there are no limits to e-bike fun. The drive technology, frame geometry and components flow into one unit tailored to the respective area of ​​application.

The various e-bike categories

Comfort is in the foreground for relaxed journeys for shopping or friends at city and urban bikes. In addition to a relaxed frame geometry, the drive and equipment offer an interplay of harmonious step support, reach and security.

The direct connection between sport and comfort makes the e-trekking bike the perfect all-rounder. On the way to work, after-work round or extensive tours, you play your strengths on streets and dirt roads. A drive concept designed for performance and dynamics, the correct endurance values ​​and the focus on long -lasting driving fun shapes the character.

With the current E-MTBs, nature lovers switch a gear higher. Every steep climb becomes child's play with the extra portion of energy. Then you can really let it go on the departure: Especially the fully suspended e-fullys offer the maximum fun factor even in demanding terrain.

Speed ​​pedelecs
With support up to 45 km/h, the so-called Speed ​​Pedelecs combine speed and environmental awareness. Quick and uncomplicated from A to B - no problem with the corresponding driving license. Whether short or long distance, for fans of speed and drive power, they are the efficient alternative to car, bus and train.

The drive variants

Front -wheel drive

The front or front wheel drive offers direct and often inexpensive introduction to the world of e-bike driving. Due to the drive via the front wheel hub, no structural changes have to be made on the frame, bicycle character and the usual driving behavior are largely preserved. In addition, the use of a resignation brake is easily possible. Compared to the middle and rear engine, the front-wheel drive usually has a slightly lower dynamic, but scores with comfort. This makes you ideal for City-E-Bikes.

Mid -engine
The mid -engine is currently the best -selling drive variant. In addition to the high reliability, it is particularly the optimal weight distribution that makes the engine concept so attractive. The use of the bottom bracket creates optimal balance and driving stability. The various engine models cover the complete range between comfort -oriented and sporty driving. No wonder that the mid-engine has become the standard, especially in the field of e-trekking and e-mountain. A slightly increased noise and vibration development does not change this compared to the rear-wheel drive.

Rear -wheel drive
Its thrust makes the rear-wheel hub motor, especially in the speed area, the preferred drive variant. Apart from a driving behavior characterized by dynamics and torque, it remains extremely reserved in side effects such as noise development and vibrations. For this purpose, the rear engine via the so -called recuperation offers the possibility of returning parts of the drive energy to the battery. However, drivers have to do without the hub gear and resignation brake. In addition, there is a sometimes more complex rear wheel expansion.

On or within the frame, under the luggage rack or behind the seat tube, the battery is of great importance as an energy storage. The number of watt hours provides information about the performance of the various battery packs, which, thanks to lithium-ion technology, are characterized by a long service life. Depending on the construction, there are differences when charging the battery up to the driving behavior of the e-bike.

Myth range
Some of the manufacturers with ranges of up to 200 kilometers advertise. Superior distances can certainly be covered under optimal conditions, but the actual reach depends on a variety of different factors. The difference between flat and mountainous terrain and the choice of the support level play a central role. In addition, wind, outside temperature, the weight of the driver and load as well as the number of start and stop processes influence the charging level of the battery. A rule of thumb cannot therefore be created.

Display & control
Together with the control unit, the display becomes the control center of the modern e-bike. The support level can be selected comfortably and quickly using the operating satellite on the handlebar handle, the display provides all the necessary information. Depending on the manufacturer, there are differences from TFT or LCD via lighting and scope of the driving information.

Mountain bike

The direct path to the perfect mountain bike

Cross Country, All Mountain or Downhill - Mountainbike is no longer the same mountain bike. Development options and requirements have determined the development in recent years. No wonder that many customers lose track.

We would be happy to help you choose the right mountain bike and drive safely through the jungle of frame design, suspension, wheel size and switch. Thanks to our wide range, we have a comprehensive selection of high-quality bikes even for the hardest terrain inserts.

A look at the common impeller sizes provides information about bikes and areas of application:

29 inches
Especially in the classic cross-country and marathon area, the "29er" have long since become standard. The main reason for this is the superior roll behavior thanks to the flatter start -up angle with obstacles such as roots and stones. The large wheels score with maximum speed and increased running rest.

27.5 inches
Between the 29 and the classic 26-inch bicycles, the 27.5 form the optimal compromise between stability, maneuverability and rolling behavior. This makes them primarily for use in heavy terrain or in the material-demanding downhill sector a preferred wheel size. You also ensure the right proportions for smaller frame sizes.

27.5 plus
In search of the extra portion of grip, the 27.5-plus tires is the ideal choice. The 27.5+ are very trendy and biting. In addition to the plus during traction and driving control, you also shine with comfort - without the sportiness being left behind.

Anyone who thinks that the former MTB bike standard would have had its day. In addition to the children's and youth area, they play an important role today thanks to maneuverability, dynamics and stability, especially in the gravity area at slopestyle and dirt jump.

Racing bike

Well advised: speed and fun instead of pain and bad mood
Only on a racing bike that fits perfectly and is optimally tailored to the demands can be made - whether during training in leisure time or in competition. Due to the diversity, especially in the speed sector, new opportunities are always open. For a long time, the material question is no longer just questioned between aluminum or carbon, the right switching group and the correct wheels.

It is often the geometry of the frame that makes the decisive difference. A wide field opens up between competition operation and bike tourism. Here we offer our customers the advice and security that they expect when buying a high -quality sports equipment.

Use the chance to sample your desired racing bike extensively. This is the only way to find the perfect model for you with our specialist staff. We would be happy to advise you on all questions about suitable accessories and meaningful clothing.