Our passion for cargo bikes knows no limits. At Hild Radwelt you will find a large selection of the best manufacturers in Germany: Urban Arrow, Tern, Carquon, XCYC, Gazelle. All of this thanks to a constant partnership with our suppliers and the technical support of our workshop, which is available at any time if you have any problems.

The importance of ecological freight transport.

Today's society needs new ideas to make the city more livable and enable short trips, also for goods. With a cargo bike you can transport your purchases and products or organize a completely ecological delivery service for your goods without forgetting the great ease of driving an e-bike with an integrated engine.

Urban Arrow

We at Urban Arrow want to play a pioneering role in Urban Mobility. Our design philosophy is clear and clear: "Always one length ahead". We have remained loyal to this philosophy since our first model in 2010. With the aim of building the urban means of transport of the future, we set out to develop an electric, easy -to -maneuvering cargo bike that it will never let down. Robust and agile, durable and light. The result is our iconic aluminum frame. After several years of optimization, we can proudly say that the appearance has basically not changed.

We know that your needs and that of your family change over time. For this reason, we have designed all of Urban Arrow models according to the modular principle. This means that you can choose between different front frames. A box that is big enough for the kids or maybe a more compact model? Everything is possible. Your mobility requirement continues to develop. And your bike adapts to this.

Smart Urban Mobility
We want you to continue to live optimally in cities. That is why we define a completely new transport category: Smart Urban Mobility. At the same time, we find that the streets are clogging and we urgently need to reduce air pollution. And quickly. By combining the transport capacity of your car with the mobility of an e-bike, we realize the optimal means of transport for everything you would like. From A to B - and on. Clean, safe, fast - and stylish.


We are working on building a sustainable future, with the firm conviction that the bicycle - the ultimately efficient vehicle - is the focus of this vision. Everything we do goes back to this simple basic formula.

Product philosophy
We build bicycles with the intention of changing the world. Or at least the way people move.

Our name
We have named our company after a small, light bird, the partnership of which lasts for a lifetime and who has the world record for the longest annual bird train.

Protection of our planet
The commitment to sustainability is of central importance for us. We design our bikes so that they can be repaired instead of having to dispose of them. We are constantly looking for new ways to keep the harmful influence on this planet low: this includes the minimization of packaging, the use of recycling box and the economical use of harmful chemicals such as chrome.

Award -winning products
One of our favorite motto is: Lay the bar and higher. We develop products with the focus on function and long service life. But we also have no objection that you receive recognition through international design and innovation prices.

Advantage for bicycle
We enable our employees to ride a free bike to work and then use the showers and changing rooms provided by us. We work with municipal transport companies to simplify the transport of bicycles in public transport. We are active participants in bicycle associations to support those who want to use the bike as a healthy and environmentally friendly means of transport.

We decided to break new ground and offer features that make daily bicycle comfortable and practical. Sometimes this requires a little help from our friends.

24 hours a day, in every corner of the globe ', develop, check and test for you.


Carqon is a Dutch brand with an international character. The company was founded with the ambitious goal of developing an outstanding cargo bike and setting new standards in terms of design, function and technology. The Carqon is a cargo bike for enterprising families who want to get everything out of life and want to spend more time with their children.


XCYC is a brand of GWW - non -profit workshops and living business GmbH. The load e-bike XCYC pickup is mounted by and with people with disabilities in Calw in Baden-Württemberg. The individual parts come from high -quality suppliers.



Ride Like the Dutch
Ride Like the Dutch is the new attitude to life as a cyclist: upright and convenient without back load. Ride Like the Dutch also means being open to the world and the people around us. So it's not just about comfort, but about the overall setting. And who could introduce us to the Ride Like the Dutch Lebensart than the Dutch premium bicycle brand?

Incidentally, Royal Dutch Gazelle was by no means a free -rider in the long history of the famous Hollandrad. Gazelle has been making comfortable, safe and technically sophisticated bicycles for over 125 years. Now also e-bikes. So Royal Dutch Gazelle is the only true Hollandrad. From the beginning and also in the future.

So if you really want to experience what Ride Like the Dutch means, namely cycling in everyday clothing, the finger on the bell, the purchases in your luggage, the kids and with e-power up every hill as if it would go flat through Holland , then a Royal Dutch Gazelle is just right for you!