Employer service advantages at an overview

✓ Low cost
Bicycle leasing or salary conversion model does not result in high one-time or ongoing investment costs.

✓ Savings in parking spaces
Parking spaces are rare and expensive, especially in large cities. By supporting the employees when changing the car to the service bike, high costs for parking spaces can be saved.

✓ Employee health
Promote your team's health and performance.

✓ Sustainable environmental protection
Improve your CO2 balance and reputation as a sustainable company.

✓ Lower expense

✓ Employee loyalty
An additional and innovative incentive for the employees adequately recognized their use. With the option of duty bike leasing, you as an employer can not only promote and bind existing employees, but also win new employees.

✓ Uncomplicated handling
We support you in handling bicycle leasing in your company. Experience has shown that the administrative effort for your company is low.

✓ Tax benefits
By deducting the leasing rates or copying of the assets, additional effort can be generated for tax purposes. In the salary conversion model, ancillary wage costs are reduced.

 Low -risk

Cyclists are motivated and less likely sick

Health insurance companies and doctors recommend at least three times 30 minutes of movement per week. For many employees, a company bike is an ideal way to get this healthy level of movement on the way to work in the morning. The employees are fresh and efficient and start their working day with full vigor. According to a study by the Dutch research institute TNO, employees who ride to work by bike are missing an average of more than one day less a year than colleagues who do not use the bike.

The following applies: the more often the employees get by bike and the longer the way back, the less often they are on sick leave.

By offering and supporting bicycle leasing in your company, you will promote the motivation and health of your employees.

Bikeleasing is so easy


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Deine Vorteile auf einen Blick

  • Bis zu 40 Prozent gegenüber dem Direktkauf sparen - dank Gehaltsumwandlung und Steuervorteilen.
  • Die private Nutzung des Dienstrads ist ausdrücklich erlaubt!
  • Freie Auswahl - egal welche Marke oder Kategorie du wählst. Jedes Rad kann ein Dienstrad werden
  • Dank der Bikeleasing-Versicherungslösungen bist Du als Dienstrad-Nutzer bei Diebstahl und Unfall ebenso abgesichert wie bei Kündigung, Elternzeit etc.
  • Über das Bikeleasing-Portal hast Du alle Prozesse rund um Dein Dienstrad jederzeit online im Griff.

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