Never pump again.

Schwalbe Airless System is the innovative air -free bicycle tires with comfortable driving characteristics. The system is absolutely maintenance -free.

  • Almost identical to air tires with 3.5 bar (40-622)-always constant!
  • Excellent grip-the same technology is used for compound and tire structure as with all high-quality swallow tires.
  • High mileage - up to 10,000 kilometers with usual use. Absolutely maintenance -free throughout the entire period of use. Only about 300 grams heavier than a tire/hose system with marathon plus (40-622).

Ideal for everyone who wants to ride a bicycle comfortably and carefree. Particularly interesting for:

  • E-bikes (E-25)
  • City bikes
  • Professional commuters

Only in certified specialist retailers
Security comes first. To ensure this, the Schwalbe Airless system may only be installed in certified bicycle retailers. Traders who have the Schwalbe-Airless certificate have specially trained fitters and a special SAS assembly tool. Without the tool, assembly is not possible correctly. Liability and damage from improper assembly are therefore excluded.


“The airless system is the alternative to an air tires for certain areas of application. For some cyclists, it will be unusual to have bicycle tires assembled with a bicycle dealer, but this is a matter of course with car tires. However, you get an all-round carefree tire, extremely attractive for commuters and e-bike drivers. ”

Jakob Dirksen,
Schwalbe Airless training manager

Airless set

Now convert to 100 % carefree!

Exclusive in specialist shops!
The conversion set per impeller contains:

  • 1 x tires
  • 1 x tube
  • 1 x ring

Set price per impeller only € 84.90 plus assembly costs

Airless tire

The Airless Tire is a special development for the Schwalbe Airless system. Tailored to the tire sizes 40-622 and 47-622. With high mileage and excellent grip.

Urban, 40-622, approx. 750 g, Art no. 11101362
Neu Allround, 40-622, approx. 785 g, Art no. 11159087
Neu Allround, 47-622, approx. 995 g, Art no. 11159088

Airless Tube

The heart of the Airless system is the newly developed Airless Tube, made from e-TPU (expanded, thermoplastic polyurethane). This material has four decisive properties:

- Excellent elasticity
- Outstanding resignation
- High abrasion resistance
- incredibly hard -wearing, also with
Heat and clinking cold

Airless Tube, 40 mm, approx. 580 g, Art no. SAS01.01
Airless Tube, 47 mm, approx. 750 g, item no. SAS12

Airless ring

The airless ring fixes the tire safely on the rim and compensates for shape differences from different rim types.

Airless Ring, 10 mm, approx. 100 g, Art no. SAS04
Airless Ring, 12 mm, approx. 110 g, Art no. SAS02

Airless FAQ

What is the Airless system ideal for? >
For cycling in the city or the way to work. Of course also for short tours on weekends. The profiles of the Airless special tires are primarily designed for substrates such as asphalt and gravel paths.

Which driver type is the Airless system suitable for? >
The airless system is suitable for all cyclists who favor breakdown protection and a maintenance -free system. Likewise for those who do not feel like pumping.

Which driver type is the Airless system not suitable for? >
For cyclists who favor light, fast tires and are used to high air pressures. There are more suitable swallow tires for cyclists who are rapidly and sporty and regularly run longer tours. Please ask your bike dealer.

What driver's weight is the Airless system suitable for? >
The airless system is suitable for drivers of up to 100 kg including clothing (approx. 2-3 kg). The best performance and driving characteristics are achieved with a driver's weight of up to 90 kg including clothing. If the maximum driver weight is exceeded, the virtual air pressure of the Airless system can be too low. The consequences: a soft, undefined driving experience, poorer performance and shorter lifespan of the system. A marathon plus tire with air hose and higher air pressure is the better choice here!

Can the airless system be used on an e-bike? >
Yes! The airless system is an ideal addition for use on e-bikes up to 25 km/h. Of course, attention must be paid to the tire size. The system may not be used on fast e-bikes up to 45 km/h.

Schwalbe Airless System is a joint development of Supreme Dutch and Schwalbe.
For now only available in Germany and the Netherlands.