In collaboration with Smartfit, a company with many years of experience in the world of bike fitting, we offer Hild Radwelt in our online catalog the function of online bike fitting. This allows our customers to select the bike they want and click on the "Calculate size" button to load the SmartFit software.

How is this software different?
Smartfit Online Sizing compares your body measurements with a huge bike database. The results our customers receive do not rely on a generic chart to find your size. Each bike is measured with advanced instruments and the data is cataloged to be retrieved and compared to the measurements our customers fill out from the comfort of their own home on our website.

SmartFit Know-How
We are passionate about bicycles! With Smarfit, we want to pass on this enthusiasm to all cyclists.

The Smartfit systems are easy-to-use tools for bike retailers and all bike fitting service providers. With this vision and Smartfit technologies, we want to put all bike enthusiasts perfectly on their bike. We believe that with the right seating position and the right bike, everyone can discover and increase the fun of cycling. For this SmartFit works and optimizes these systems and software every day.

We benefit from SmartFit's many years of expertise and scientific experience, and the Radlabor service centers in Freiburg, Munich and Frankfurt.

How it works
These are the steps required to complete your online measurement:

1. choose a bike from our online store

2. Look for the "Calculate Big" button. If the field is green, it means that the database of bicycle measurements is synchronized with our website.

3. Enter your gender, height, leg length and arm length

4. Click on "go to matching size

5. Get the result of your bike's size. Back to the product page, select the right size and complete the purchase.

For every type of bike - From city pedelecs to gravelbikes
The Smartfit Bike database, with over 100 brands and 200,000 models updated each year, contains geometry data for truly every type of bike. From children's bikes to downhill bikes - and of course everything that has an electric motor is calculated on the basis of the individual model.